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About Me

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

-Helen Keller

As a purveyor of passion and a zealous explorer of the divine nature of human connection, I offer an alternative and diverse spectrum of companionship unbound by the rules of conventional connections.  


It is my pleasure to arouse in all, the most delicious temptations of those who have a taste for the wild side of life...


I am adventurous, quick-witted, and terribly flirtatious with a twist of devilish charm.


I am the sexy woman you'll want to spend hours in bed with. 


I'm the stoner you want with you at the dispensary to choose a strain for our upcoming adventure to a show, pool, arcade, or restaurant.


I'm the goofball who'll have you laughing through dinner at dumb, dirty jokes and out of breath for.. other reasons.. once we get to your room...


Standing 5’7", I have deep brown eyes and irresistible full lips. My curvy, tattooed, hourglass figure will surely send your libido into overdrive. 


For you, who accepts nothing less than sincere companionship and mutually stimulating encounters; treat yourself to the benefits of a wildly romantic affair without the hassles of a traditional relationship.


Get lost in my intoxicating eyes, envelop yourself in the softness of my skin and the delectable deliciousness of my curves. My company will melt your cares away.


 Let me be your escape.



Kathryn Lee


Main City :: Las Vegas

Age :: 30

Hair :: Short, brunette

Eye Color :: Brown

Height :: 5'7"

Weight :: 150lbs

Body :: Curvy

Bust :: 38H Natural

Piercings :: Nose, tongue, ears

Tattoos :: Many large/visible

Grooming :: Bald - Laser Removal

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